TikTok User’s Horrifying Experience with AI-Generated Fake Nude Photos

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Rachel’s life turned into a living nightmare when she received a message request on Instagram that contained images of her, doctored with AI to make it appear like she was naked.

Her world came crashing down as she shared her horrifying experience on TikTok, and her first video left viewers heartbroken as she was visibly distressed and tearful throughout the clip.

The day after Rachel first received the photos, she found herself receiving dozens of direct messages (DMs) of the fake nude photos with their original watermarks removed.

The anonymous person had apparently “paid to have the watermark removed” and distributed the photos “like it was real”. Rachel was horrified as she had never imagined something like this happening to her.

Rachel tried to explain to her TikTok followers that these photos were fake, and her body did not resemble the AI-generated images. She said, “‘I’m just letting you know that anything you see of me is edited or fake. I don’t have any content. I don’t sell content. None of that is real. And it’s so gross”.

However, instead of support and sympathy, Rachel was met with vile comments that downplayed the severity of her situation. People joked and asked for proof, accusing her of posting the first video because she wanted more people to see the AI-generated images.

Rachel was hurt and felt violated. In an interview with NextShark, she said that the incident made her afraid to post on social media. She was scared that people would say she was asking for it by continuing to post herself, but she didn’t want to be chased off the internet by these people.

Rachel found it disgusting that people she had never met before wanted to see her naked and actively seek out these fake images or even create them using AI.

Rachel’s second video, where she pleaded with people to stop, has garnered 1.3 million views as of May 6. Most of the comments are sympathetic towards her, and people offered their support.

However, someone suggested that Rachel take the matter to the police, though someone pointed out that existing laws may not apply to such a new area of AI.

Rachel’s ordeal is a reminder of the dark side of social media, and how people’s lives can be ruined by anonymous trolls who have no empathy or sense of decency.

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