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Asur Season 2 Web Series Review : The Dark Knight in Vedic Era

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Asur, a thrilling serial killer drama, takes us on a mesmerizing expedition through its eccentric universe. Led by the brilliant Arshad Warsi and Barun Sobti, the second season continues the enthralling pursuit of a cunning psychopath who eluded them in the show’s inception.

The allure of Asur lies in its majestic dialogues, adorned with Sanskrit words carrying a spiritual torment. These linguistic nuances, reminiscent of ancient Vedas, add a theological essence that prompts viewers to ponder the ethical extremities of Nolan’s The Dark Knight (2008).

However, let’s take a step back from the intensity and catch our breath. While Asur excels within its storytelling boundaries, surprising us at every turn, it falters when we widen our perspective. Created by the talented Gaurav Shukla, who also co-writes the show, and skillfully directed by Oni Sen, Asur prioritizes appearing philosophical rather than delving into philosophical depth. Its portrayal of forensic science leans towards superficial specificity, sacrificing scientific accuracy for allure. Unfortunately, this allure proves to be too thin, leaving the show transparent and its zig-zagging density easily discernible.

Shallow references to Hindu mythology and glimpses of modern self-help wisdom litter Asur’s narrative, aiming for pulp entertainment, easy gore, and agitated cliffhangers. Yet, like a decaying fruit, the show gradually loses its charm, rotting away at an alarming rate.

Key Points of Asur season 2

  • Meet Kesar Bhardwaj (Gaurav Arora), a motivational speaker belonging to a fervent cult that believes in sacrificing innocent, kind-hearted individuals to bring about a cataclysmic purification of creation. They eagerly await the descent of Kalki, Vishnu’s final avatar, as destruction unfolds.
  • Dhananjay Rajpoot (Arshad Warsi), having found solace as a monk in Dharamshala, escaped his brutal past as a forensic expert for the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) after losing his wife to the serial killer. The rest of his team relentlessly pursues the elusive Asur.
  • Nusrat Saeed (Ridhi Dogra) mirrors the show’s one-note storytelling, reacting with a singular expression of shock and bewilderment. Rasool Shaikh (Amey Wagh) remains steadfast despite revelations from the previous season.
  • Barun Sobti portrays Nikhil Nair, a man consumed by depression and addiction to painkillers. Grief takes a backseat as the body count rises and his workload multiplies.
  • Anupriya Goenka captivates as Naina Nair, a proficient coder navigating the “dark web” and uncovering a web of deep-fakes and disinformation fueling societal unrest.
  • Meiyang Chang brings a touch of humor as an Anti Terror Force officer, lightening the mood with his comically rigid poses and helmet hair.
  • Asur continues his deadly spree, leaving lives to perish like autumn leaves. The value of human existence diminishes, emotions waning. The clash between a wholesale serial killer and a miracle-manifesting monk looms, embodying the enigmatic allure of Mona Lisa’s smile.
  • Artificial intelligence intertwines with the narrative, revealing its dance within Asur’s tapestry. Social media discourse and privacy breaches add further layers of intrigue.
  • The show brims with activity, explanations abound, yet the intelligence captivating discerning minds falters. Asur relies on stagnant characters within a whirlpool of events, sacrificing character development for ceaseless dramatic turns—an unfortunate misstep.

Step into the vibrant world of Asur, where spirituality merges with forensic intrigue, Hindu mythology intertwines with the human psyche, and reality blurs in a dizzying dance. Brace yourself for a captivating journey, where mysteries unravel at every corner, suspense lingers in the air, and the realm of Asur awaits your exploration.

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