“Pathu Thala” Tamil movie fails to prioritize clever themes and set pieces over forced mythmaking.

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“Pathu Thala” movie review: Silambarasan-Gautham Menon’s clever themes and set pieces get left behind as myth gets overlooked for mythmaking.

“Pathu Thala” is the latest release from director Gautham Menon, starring actor Silambarasan in the lead role. While the film features some clever themes and impressive set pieces, it ultimately falls short in its attempt to create a mythmaking story.

The film follows the journey of an ordinary man who becomes a gangster and then rises to power. Along the way, he encounters several challenges and obstacles, including a powerful rival gang, a love interest, and personal demons from his past.

While the film has its moments of brilliance, it ultimately fails to fully deliver on its promise. The mythmaking aspect of the story feels forced and rushed, with the film’s focus on creating a larger-than-life character overshadowing the more interesting themes and ideas that could have been explored.

Silambarasan gives a strong performance as the lead, but the supporting cast is largely forgettable. The film’s pacing is also an issue, with the story feeling disjointed and rushed in places.

Overall, “Pathu Thala” is a decent enough film, but it falls short of being a truly great one. Its attempts at mythmaking feel forced and contrived, and its themes and ideas are ultimately overshadowed by the larger-than-life character at the center of the story.

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