A TikTok user known as Rachel shared a distressing experience involving fake nude images generated using AI

Rachel received a message request on Instagram containing pictures she had posted on social media, which had been edited using AI to make it look like she was naked.

The original photos she posted were of her "completely clothed".

Rachel was visibly distressed and teary-eyed throughout the video.

The anonymous person had apparently "paid to have the watermark removed" and distributed the photos "like it was real".

Commenters downplayed the situation and made light of the events, which made her want to "throw up multiple times".

Rachel said it is disgusting that people she had never met before wanted to see her naked and actively seek out these fake images or even create them using AI.

Rachel also shared that she might be targeted because of her race, revealing that she had been receiving sexual and suggestive comments and DMs in relation to her race

Most of the comments are sympathetic towards the situation and offered support to Rachel.

Rachel's second video has garnered 1.3m views as of May 6.